What is PlotShare and how does it work?

When you search for self build projects on PlotSearch you will also be shown PlotShare opportunities, including BuildStore’s own plots. PlotShare plots have planning permission for more than one house.

In the past, multiple plot opportunities would have been out of the reach of the individual self builder. We introduced PlotShare to enable self builders to come together to buy multiple plot sites - giving more opportunity to find land in the location you want to live in.

BuildStore helps to facilitate the apportioning of the land between a group of buyers, negotiating a fair price for each plot and helping you find the best financial option to fund the land purchase and the build, should you require it.

How PlotShare works

A PlotShare is indicated in the search results with this icon" Plotshare "The plot shown has at least outline planning for more than one plot and the number of plots will be indicated. The price shown is for the whole plot, to be split between the prospective purchasers.

If you are interested in a particular PlotShare opportunity, you need to have an active PlotSearch subscription.

Click on the link at the top of the plot details page, confirm a couple of details and the relevant information will appear in your My PlotSearch page. You can express an interest in as many PlotShare’s as you like.

A member of the PlotSearch team will give you a call to let you know a bit more about how to work with other PlotSharers and next steps, including how to approach the vendors, arrange site visits etc.

Managing your PlotShare account

To review the plots in which you have registered an interest, contact information for other parties interested in the same plot, or to remove your interest in a PlotShare, just log in to PlotSearch and go to your My PlotShare area.

You will be automatically emailed when there is a change in the status of a plot …

  • Someone else expresses an interest in joining a PlotShare you have selected
  • The interest in the plot exceeds the number of plots available
  • When an individual is no longer interested in a particular opportunity
  • If a PlotShare plot is sold

Where appropriate, a member of the PlotSearch team will be in touch to discuss next steps... or you can give them a call on 0345 223 4445